Luke Skywalker - The Perfect Hero
By Niall Roche

In the long Star Wars epic story, one great hero that we met in that first episode was the one that shook the universe. And that hero was Luke Skywalker. Have you ever wondered why Luke Skywalker is the most perfectly developed and conceived hero of a modern motion picture? One could even say that the entire success of the Star Wars franchise was successful because of this wonderful character of Luke Skywalker. There is something about this character that so hooked all of us into this series that we had to come back again and again and again and make Star Wars the most successful science fiction series of all time. So what makes Luke Skywalker such a great hero?

* Luke at all times was very human. From the moment we meet Luke Skywalker, there is nothing pretentious or puffed up about him. He was the perfect "boy next door" that just happened to be on a path to save the universe.

* Luke made mistakes. During his training, when Luke made mistakes and had to be corrected, he responded to those problems like any boy his age would. He complained, tried to justify himself and ultimately listened and learned from his teachers. This is the path we all go on at some point in our lives, although perhaps not under the instruction of Obi-Wan Kenobi.

* Luke went from being a nobody to becoming a great hero. When we meet Luke, he is an orphan on a far away planet and he felt insignificant and small. He had no resources, no inheritance and little chance to make something of himself. But The Force had big plans for him. We all love to see the little guy become the great hero and Luke Skywalker is a perfect symbol of that guy in all of us.

* Luke showed emotions. He was afraid, intimidated and confused. But he also showed such a tremendous ability to use his wits and his ability to figure things out as he went that we all were cheering for him to win in every situation.

* Luke was adorable. It doesn't hurt that he was just plain cute!

* Luke struggled with inner sin. As the initial trilogy went on, Luke was not always perfectly good. We saw the struggle he had to want to take a short cut. We saw him be drawn to the evil side of his own nature and almost fall to it.

* Luke prevailed. Any great hero struggles against titanic evil. And the war that Luke entered into was an evil so huge, it would have taken over the universe. Despite set backs that should have stopped any ordinary hero, Luke and his friends won against a horrible enemy over and over again. That's why we love him so much.

Luke had the heart of a champion. Luke Skywalker speaks to that noble thing inside of all of us that wants to make a mark on the universe for good. Despite his flaws and misstates he found his destiny to save the universe. Audiences love him because he touches that part of us that is also the heart of a champion.

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